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This contains suggestions and drafts for the blueprint []( ¶

Implementation requires both code changes to the Widelands Metaserver and Widelands ¶

* Introduce a fourth type of user (beside admin and (un)registered) of type IRC or CHAT. ¶
* The IRC bridge maintains these users on join/quit ¶
* Add new icon for these in the lobby ¶
* Add new button "Hide IRC users" in Lobby to allow hiding all IRC users and stop getting messages from IRC

## Unsorted blurps of thoughts: ¶

* I suggest this blueprint should also have a forum link for discussion. ¶
* in IRC it is pretty annoying to get information about each entering or leaving user in the lobby. Opening games is more interesting. ¶
* It seems excessive to send each chat message from IRC to the metaserver. Maybe only messages to the bridge itself (i.e. private messages or strings starting with ircbride: or so) should be send. Discoverability for the users then becomes an issue. ¶
* querying the bridge for the userlist on the metaserver would be nice too. ¶