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## Important notes on Internet gaming in Build14 & Build15
This article holds important notes and information for internet gaming in Build14
& Build 15. ¶

The Internet gaming implementation in Build14
& Build 15 is in an very early state and has some restrictions in functionality. Anyway if you mind the notes on this page, you should be able to have a nice games via internet with people around the whole world. :) ¶

[TOC] ¶

### System configuration for hosting players ¶
Hosting players have to set up their system to allow access to the Widelands Server from the internet. Generally you should ask yourself the following question: ¶

__Am I using a Windows operation system?__ ¶
: If yes hosting a game is generally not possible. This is because of a bug in ggz. We hope to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. ¶

__Am I directly connected to the internet (or is a router or a proxy between your computer and the internet)?__ ¶
: If you are not directly connected to the internet, you must [forward]( the port 7396 to your computer. ¶

__Do I have a firwall that blocks the port 7396 or the Widelands application or server applications in general?__ ¶
: If yes, you must change the firewall settings so Widelands can communicate through the firewall. ¶

### Problems during connecting to a server ¶
In nearly all cases the problem is, that the hosting player did not set up the system settings properly (see "System configuration for hosting players") ¶

### Loading of savegames

(Build14 only - in Build15 savegames are transfered automatically) ¶

If you want to reload a saved game, you first have to share out (either per email or via an upload at sharing platforms, etc.) the savegame you want to load (every player must have a copy of __exactly the same__ savegame). The savegame must than be placed in ~/.widelands/save ($USERHOME/.widelands/save on Windows) so Widelands can find it. ¶
Everything left to do now is that the server selects the savegame instead of a map and all players rejoin their seats and click the ready box. Start the game and play on :)! ¶

__Note:__ Some people faced problems with the userinterface when connecting to a server that selected a savegame (this is a known problem). If that happens, the host should simply select a map with at least as many seats as the savegame has, so the connected players can take their seat and check the "ready" box. Afterwards the host has to reselect the savegame. Altough the players might have userinterface problems again, loading should work fine now.