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# Important notes on Internet gaming in Build14 ¶
This article holds important notes and information for internet gaming in Build14. ¶

[TOC] ¶

## System configuration for hosting players ¶
Hosting players have to set up their system to allow access to the Widelands Server from the internet. ¶

Generally you should ask yourself the following question: ¶

: Am I using a Windows operation system?; If yes hosting a game is generally not possible. This is because of a bug in ggz. We hope to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. ¶

: Am I directly connected to the internet (or is a router or a proxy between your computer and the internet)?; If you are not directly connected to the internet, you must [forward]( the port 7396 to your computer. ¶

: Do I have a firwall that blocks the port 7396 or the Widelands application or server applications in general?; If yes, you must change the firewall settings so Widelands can communicate through the firewall. ¶

## Problems during connecting to a server ¶
In nearly all cases the problem is, that the hosting player did not set up the connection settings properly (see "System configuration for hosting players") ¶

## Loading of savegames ¶
etc. ...