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# Storyboard of the Empire- campaign ¶

This is the storyboard of the Empire campaign. Its content and that of linked pages represent just an idea for the Empire campaign. ¶
These pages are for developers, only. Players shouldn't read this pages, to save the fun of playing the campaign and reacting in the story. ¶

# ___¡¡ ¶
!!You should now quit this page and do not read on!! ___

### !!
For all of you who want to know what's going on, well ... let's open the book ... ¶

It would be nice if you could correct errors or wrote a little critic on the discussion page about each part of the story. ¶

#### The red line __

For those who don't want to read the whole story, I wrote a short
S[summary of Empire Ccampaign](../EmpireStorySummary). Furthermore there is a Page about Empire Protagonists, with pictures and short idea of the people acting in the campaign. ¶

__#### The campaign __

The campaign will be splitted in two parts (like the Barbarian story). ¶

First there will be a tutorial, but without introducing the game interface (We believe the player played the Barbarian tutorial before and knows, how to build a building, streets or flags). ¶
In this part the empire-infrastructure will be introduced, as this is partly different to the Barbarian one. ¶

The second part is named "Gazing for expansions". And leads the Empire to war against the Barbarians. ¶

Main character of the Empire campaign will be Lutius, a young general. ¶
More information about him can be found on the Empire Protagonists page. ¶

#### Empire Tutorials __

[The strands of Malac' Mor ]( ../EmpireStorytheStrandsOfMalacMor) )

** After loosing a strategic battle against the Barbarians, which leads to the loss of a bigger part of the Empire's territory, Lutius leaves Fremil, the capital of the Empire, on a small ship. He gets into heavy sea and has to land on a unknown desert strand. ¶

[An outpost for exile ]( ../EmpireStoryAnOutpostForExile) )

** The second tutorial starts on a green mediteran island, which seems to be uninhabitated. It describes the advanced infrastructure of the Empire. ¶

EmpireStoryThe wWay bBack hHome

** Just a short sequence at the end of 2nd tutorial, explaining how Lutius comes back to Fremil, to offer his help in defending the Empire, against the Barbarians. ¶

__#### Gazing for expansions __

* EmpireStoryThe cCanyons oOf Lumira
** Among the Mountains of Lumira, Lutius starts a little settlement, planing to invade the barbarian lands from this canyons. ¶

* EmpireStory
The sSwamps oOf Nindraka

Missions 5-10 ¶
Not planed by now, but will be added soon. ¶

* EmpireStory
** End sequence -> Lutius stands on the walls of Hareth'Kan and looks northwards to the wild waving northlights. He wonders whether there can be people living north from here -> Mark to the [Northmen](../NorthmenPage) tribe ;)