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## Homepage !ToDo ¶

### Wiki ¶

* Transport restored old Wiki pages to new Wiki []( ¶
ClAdd nean-up theded wiknformati:on Fix brnoktend links etc ¶
[] Removing referthences hto xootps ://wl.websitde - foi/TheTribes/ xoops in

### Suggestions ¶

* Just **be bold**. ([[1]]( But remember to not be rude. ¶

## Whole website ¶
* *(citing [SirVer](/profile/SirVer) here)* If you have some experience with web design (CSS & HTML), a lot of pages could need design proposals (Map details page in the download sections, profile pages, building help pages (which only shows a graph currently)). You could design mockups (graphics) or HTML skeletons to ease the work of the homepage hackers. ¶
* In other words - if you know CSS & XHTML, you can help designing the website. Just look [here]( and see if you can help. There's also a list of known bugs - [[2]]( ¶

### What are people currently working on? ¶

_You do not need to write here if you're working on something. Just do so, if you want to._ ¶

* [Lars Krimi](
Looking into thRe wiki, next step: Creaucturingnew mawin page andki links systemtup