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## Homepage !ToDo ¶

### Wiki ¶

Transport restored old Wiki pages to new Wiki ¶
* Clean-up Wiki: Fix broken links etc ¶
Merging all existing translations to new module. ¶

### SirVer's suggestions for work: ¶

* You do not need permission to improve stuff on the wiki; when you make stuff worse, people (like myself) will complain face-wink.png. It is good if you keep your progress reported some place (like the forum) and also show your plans (what you will work on next). And you might also have a look at the restored old wiki pages which are only partly transported back into the new wiki. There is a lot of inline HTML still floating around in the current wiki which should be replaced through markdown. Lots of work, feel free to do any or all of it. The old wiki pages backup can be found here: ¶
* There is still a lot of references to the old xoops site in the wiki. Just search for xoops and the sites with broken links will pop up. ¶
* If you have some experience with web design (CSS & HTML), a lot of pages could need design proposals (Map details page in the download sections, profile pages, building help pages (which only shows a graph currently)). You could design mockups (graphics) or HTML skeletons to ease the work of the homepage hackers. ¶

### What is people currently working on? ¶

* Lars Krimi: Looking into the wiki, next step: Look at moving old Wiki pages to the new Wiki.