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#The first game ¶

If you are a Settlers II™ veteran, you will quickly understand the basics of Widelands, as both games have similar basic principles. ¶

The game centers on the development of a connected economy, consisting of different buildings and streets. This economy will vary according to the tribe that is chosen; each of tribes in the game has its own unique advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the others. ¶

When the game is started, a landscape with a large building in the center will appear. To see where you can build something, it is a good idea to ¶
switch into buildhelp-mode, by hitting the space-bar or clicking on the buildhelp-button at the lower border of the screen. Red, yellow and green houses (from small to big) indicate space available for a building. At the yellow flags you can place a blue flag to create street sections. ¶

All buildings, whether built or under construction, have to be connected on the street-web. To build a street you need to click on a flag and then the road-build-button that will appear. Colored points will show up around the flag, showing the grade of potential road segments (green=even, yellow=steep, red=very steep). Your goal should always be to build the best possible track. Always think about whether your carriers could be faster if you build a longer, but more even street. ¶

Your territory is expandable, which is important, as you can only build within it. Territory is expanded by building military buildings. The different military buildings hold different numbers of soldiers and in turn capture different sizes of land. ¶

Special resources (water, coal, iron, gold, granite) can be found by a geologist. This special kind of worker can be sent out if you click on the geologist-button at a flag. As soon as the geologist reaches his destination, he will start to search for resources on the area around the flag and put labels with colored points (red=iron, black=coal, yellow=gold, white=granite, blue=water) at the places where he finds a resource. And of course, the flag you sent the geologist to must be connected with a street, too. ¶

Finally, once your first mines are up and running, you will need a food-economy to feed your miners. Note that the bigger and/or deeper the mine, the greater the demand for better food. ¶

##Economic System ¶

Resources must be gained and refined to get better buildings and finally weapons so that new soldiers can be acquired. As an introduction the tutorials are hereby strongly recommended. The following summary applies to the ___barbarians___ and should help you get started: ¶

__!!Unfortunally only the German Version of the following part could be restored. Please Help to translate it to English!!__ ¶

building materials ¶
* Ranger: Trees (grow on the map) ¶
* Lumberjack
(and trees): trunks ¶
Trunks in a Wood Hardener: blackwood ¶

* Gamekeeper: Animals (run around on the map) ¶
* Hunter's Hut
(and animals): meat ¶

* Quarry: Raw Stone ¶
Raw stone in Stonegrinder: grindstone ¶

###Farming-based foodstuffs ¶
* Well: Water ¶
* Fisher Hut: Fish ¶
* Farm (build only on green/fertile lands): wheat ¶
* wheat + water in a Bakery = pitta bread ¶
* wheat + water in a Micro Brewery = beer ¶

###Refined food ¶
* pitta bread + fish/meat in a Tavern = Ration ¶
* pitta bread + fish/meat in an Inn = Snack ¶
* pitta bread + fish/meat + beer/strongbeer in a Big Inn = Meal ¶

###Mined materials ¶
* Food ration* + red sign in Ironmine = Ironore ¶
* Food ration + black sign in Coalmine = Coalearth ¶
* Food ration + yellow sign in Goldmine = Gold Stone ¶
* Food ration + white (not blank!) sign in Granitemine = Raw Stone ¶

The refined food type that miners want depends on the size of the mine; the basic mine uses rations, deeper mines use snacks and meals. Note that you should only build a mine in an area where your geologist has planted coloured signs to indicate what can be mined there. ¶

###Further refinement ¶
* Trunks + Coalearth in Charcoal Burner = Coal ¶
* Coal + Ironore; Coal + Gold Stone in Smelting Works = Iron; Gold ¶
* Iron + Trunks in Metalworks = Tools (Fishing rods and other items used to make workers for buildings) ¶
* Iron + Coal in Axefactory = Axes ¶
* Iron + Coal (+ Gold) in Warmill = (War)axes ¶
* Iron + Coal (+ Gold) in Helmsmith = (War)helmets ¶

__Additionals__ ¶
* Fernery = Flax ¶
* Pressworks = clothes ¶

äargey bäuildeings

mn the Trainings Camp und und ian der Battle Arena, können Soldwaten gegen Ausrriorüstung ucand Nahtruaing bzwto nuimprove gtheir figen Nahruting (wohabilgemitierkt:s gwhemn provided winth sinfood and equipment, Rohprod jukst witeh Brfotod, Flreispechtively. uInd the Ficasch)e tof Barbarianis, ther foodstuffs wnereden.d Diare Gepitta bäudre ader, folgmeat anden fish. ¶

Tahe below mile vergitarößerny buildaings incregasen dasyour Tterritoriumy: ¶

K* Categoriey Name vergößsizer of t Territory ium umncrease Soldier capaciteny
K* Smaleinl Sentry 7 2 ¶
* Mitteldium Stronghold 7 3 ¶
* Medittelum Donjon 5 5 ¶
* Medittelum Barrier 8 5 ¶
Groß* Large Fortress 11 8 ¶
G* Large Citadel 12 12 ¶

es uand ihre Lösolutiongs

DAs the game dais Spstiel nochl in der Entwickveluopmeng ist, sindome Pproblems can be zu experwarcten,d sowohl- dufrchom Bbugs as wells auchs dufrchom insungenügfficient docume Anletatituong. ¶

GebäudeuUpgraded führt zbur Stillledingu stops working ¶

fter a beuilditetng, nasuch eas a minem, is Uupgraded, it needs more specialized Minworkers. Therefore, nichf a building stops weorking after uand obupgrade and erscheintows dithe Mmeldunssage "One more Worker required" (or "Waiting for 1 workers!"), this may be what you are missing. Thei only way to free up ass more experienced worker Acurrently (beuild 13) is to destroy an existing dminer ewhinfachen Version des Gebäudes ausgebildet werden und dieses dann has one. Usually it is best to upgrade a building only after the worker inside has advanced to the next level. ¶

Note also that since upgr
abgerissen werden. Überhaupt dürfen Uügrades erst vorgenommen werden, wenn der Arbeiter in dem Gebäude die nächste Stufe ded buildings (mostly mines) sometimes need more workers than one, the building may also stop working if you do not have the tools available in stock to produce the (inexperienced) workers to go with the experienced one. To get more workers produced, ensure that a Metalworks has enough resources to produce the tool, and once the needed tool reaches a warehouse or your headquarters, a nerreicht hat. ¶

###Einfache Rohstoffe fehlen ¶

Es kann passieren, dass einfache Rohstoffe wie Holz und Stein von den weiterverarbeitenden Gebäuden (Wood Hardener, Stone Grinder) verschluckt werden und also beim Bau fehlen. In einem solchen Fall sollten die beiden Gebäude erstmal stillgelegt werden.
w worker should be produced automatically when one is needed. ¶

###Simple raw materials are missing ¶

It can happen that you run out of simple raw materials such as trunks or raw stone for construction sites, because the refining buildings (Wood Hardener, Stone Grinder) hog them all up. The most foolproof way of stopping this from happening is to demolish the refining building. ¶

(It sometimes seems that simply lowering the priority of the raw materials at all the refining buildings helps too, confirm?)