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# Placing Military Buildings ¶

Consider what resources will be required to build each structure, how it will overlap with other nearby military structures, and whether it can be enhanced at a later time. ¶

## Creating More Soldiers ¶

* You will need a healthy economy (see: GameHelpbuildingANewEconomy ) ¶
* Create more weapons ¶
* refine wood ¶
* dig for coal, iron ore and refine it (by a Smelter, Blacksmith and Amoursmith) ¶

Besides needing weapons and armour to equip your soldiers, you will also need to create a demand for them. ¶

* Demand ¶

* A demand for soldiers is always created by military buildings that are not
fully manned according to the settings you chose. ¶
Each military building has an upper limit of soldiers it can hold. You can not exceed this limit, but you can lower it. ¶
However, you can not set it to 0, as at least one soldier needs to be present in a military site. ¶
You can tell that a military building has a demand for additional soldiers when you see something like ¶
*"Fortress 5 Soldiers (+3)"*, where the (+3) indicates 3 missing soldiers. In this way, each new military building will create a new demand ¶
and a necessity to produce new soldiers, once your initial soldiers are all stationed. ¶

* Training: As long as there are untrained soldiers in your headquarters and warehouses, ¶
Training sites will accept untrained soldiers from your stock and release them when ¶
they have received all training that the site can provide. ¶
However, a demand for soldiers will be created by training facilities that can accept more soldiers ¶
than you currently have available. ¶
Again, the capacity of the trainingsites can be adjusted to your liking in much the same way as with military sites. ¶
So, if your Barbarian trainingscamp can accept 12 trainees (the default), but there are only only 10 soldiers left ¶
that need training in your stock, 2 new ones will be created. ¶
Unfortunately currently (Rev 5269) there is no display to indicate whether your trainingsites work on existing soldiers, ¶
or are creating new ones. ¶

## Initiating Combat ¶

* Build military structures on the contested border to position more soldiers near the field of conflict. ¶
* Click on any opponents military structure and select the number of soldiers to engage with, then start the attack. ¶
* Note that the defender may send more soldiers from other structures you can't see yet. ¶