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[TOC] ¶

##First menu ¶

When you click on *Single Player* button on main menu, you will see another screen like below: ¶

[![single_player_menu_800_600.png](/wlmedia/wlimages/single_player_menu_800_600.png)](/wlmedia/wlimages/single_player_menu_800_600.png) ¶

The options are: ¶

* _'[New Game](#standard-game)'_, which will lead you to standard Single Player game ¶
* _'[Campaigns](#campaigns)'_, where you can find tribe stories ¶
* _'[Load game](#load-game)'_, where you can reload a game from a saved state ¶
* _'Back'_, if you want to go to main menu again ¶

##Standard game ¶

To start any game, you have to select several items: ¶

### Choosing a map ¶

[![map_choosing2_single_player_800_600.png](/wlmedia/wlimages/map_choosing2_single_player_800_600.png)](/wlmedia/wlimages/map_choosing2_single_player_800_600.png) ¶

The interface is devided into three parts: ¶

1. selection list (on the top) ¶
1. list of maps and directories (bottom left) ¶
1. description of map/directory currently selected (bottom right) ¶

Possible selections: ¶

* Show all maps - will show all possible files that are Widelands maps ¶
* Official - will show only maps from Widelands itself ¶
* Unbalanced - will narrow the list to the maps that are marked as *unbalanced* (not equal positions) ¶
* Seafaring - will narrow the list to the maps that contains possibility of building ships and ports ¶
* Artifacts - will narrow the list to the maps that allow you to play *Artifacts* win condition (you can spot some artifacts on the map) ¶
* Scenario - will narrow the list to the maps that are scenarios (specially prepared stories and sometimes it can be hard to win) ¶
* Free for all - will show only maps that suggest no teams for players ¶
* 1v1 - will show maps that are marked as combat 1 player against another ¶
* Teams of 2 / 3 / 4 - will show maps where *suggested teams* contains 2 / 3 / 4 players in a team ¶

List of maps is sorted by number of players on the map and (if the number is equal) the name of the map. Before maps you can see list of directories (sorted by names). The list contains both official Widelands pack of maps and unofficial downloaded ([and stored in right place](/wiki/Technical%20FAQ/#where-are-my-maps-and-savegames-stored)) and created in [Editor](/wiki/EditorHelp/) maps. Note that downloading from [Widelands homepage](/maps/) **are not** official. ¶

Description of the map contains few basic information: ¶

* map name ¶
* author (nickname) ¶
* description, which is usually a background story about the map ¶
* suggested teams described by colors ¶

###Selecting AIs playing with you ¶

[![single_player_select_ai_800_600.png](/wlmedia/wlimages/single_player_select_AI_800_600.png)](/wlmedia/wlimages/single_player_select_AI_800_600.png) ¶

In this section you can choose your friend and enemy computer players. Also you can decide which tribe and position will you and your oponents have. On the left you have names Player 1, Player 2, etc and colors next to them. Clicking on color button will change your starting position. Next to the names are ticks. Clicking on them will disable (or enable) AI player on that position. ¶

Last part of choosing the players is about selecting players properties: ¶

* Type of player algorithm ¶
* Player's tribe ¶
* Team number ¶
* Start type ¶

###Properties of a player ¶

**Type of an AI player** can be: ¶

* Normal AI (will stick to standard AI algorithm) ¶
* Weak AI (will have some minor restrictions) ¶
* Very weak AI (will have major restrictions and will now produce highly trained soldiers) ¶
* No AI (the computer player will not do anything) ¶
* Random AI (will choose between Normal, Weak and Very weak AI) ¶

The restrictions are currently connected to number of buildings. For example normal AI will have no restrictions, but Very weak AI will not build any Trainings camps (restriction: number of Trainings camps = 0). Because the AI is under developement, this part can soon change. ¶

**Player's tribe** can be: ¶

* Barbarians ¶
* Empire ¶
* Atlanteans ¶
* Random (will choose from one of above) ¶

More about the Tribes you can find [here](/wiki/TheTribes/) ¶

**Team number** will define who is a friend to whom. Players with the same number are friends: you can't attack your friend an you can see all his/her territory. No number (*-*) means that the player has no friends at all. There is no possibility to change a team or create a new one during the play. ¶

**Start type** can be: ¶

* Headquarters, which means that you start with one big building which is both warehouse and conquering terrain building. ¶
* Fortified Village, which means that you start with a warehouse, castle and some other buildings: ¶
* Barbarians starts with: ¶
* Training Camp ¶
* Battle Arena ¶
* Helm Smithy ¶
* Empire starts with: ¶
* Training Camp ¶
* Colosseum ¶
* Weapon Smithy ¶
* Armor Smithy ¶
* Toolsmithy ¶
* Sawmill ¶
* Stonemason's House ¶
* Atlanteans start with: ¶
* Labiryhnt ¶
* Dungeon ¶
* Armor Smithy ¶
* Toolsmithy ¶
* placing the buildings is dependent on terrain. If there is no place, the building can be missed and not placed at all. ¶

##Campaigns ¶

##Load game