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# Empire ¶

[TOC] ¶

## History of the tribe ¶

At the coast of the Gulf of Pearls an empire developed out of small tribe, a ¶
great empire. This nation was convinced of its cultural superiority. This ¶
was founded quite correctly to some extend in the inventions of famous sons ¶
of the nation, like Leonardo de Composta or Sophostles, but also in the ¶
belief, that their rulers were gods. ¶

In this empire the emperor Ninar ruled, who was able to expand the empire. ¶
This he did through conquests, but also through well-arranged marriages. ¶
As his empire got big, he appointed his sons to look after his interests in ¶
the various provinces. But as each of them wanted to be his successor, there ¶
was jealousy between them that let to fights between them. ¶

But the biggest task for the sons was to convince the other nations of the ¶
progress a la Empire, which they did with great fervor. On these occasions ¶
they used weapons quite regularly to make their argument. ¶

But there were nations, who did not like the progress a la Empire and made ¶
this quite clear. One of these nations were the [Barbarians]( in the distant North. ¶

##Storyboard of campaigns and tutorials ¶
see EmpireStory - WARNING: SPOILER!!! ¶

##Imperial economy ¶

###Network ¶
You find an illustration of the economy network (buildings, wares, workers) [here]( ¶
[![empire_neu.png](/wlmedia//wlimages/empire_neu.png)]( ¶

#### Buildings ¶

Empire buildings are listed and explained [here]( ¶

#### Wares ¶

Empire wares are listed and explained [here]( ¶

When you click on one building or ware, you see further information to it. It is an extract of the economy network pdf linked above. ¶

#### Workers ¶

A worker is created in a warehouse, when there is a request (building without certain worker) and the tool. For example, to create an Empire soldier, there must be a wood lance and a helmet in a warehouse and a request for a soldier.

To learn more about soldier levels and fighting see SoldierLevels.

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