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## Event Menu ¶
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Events are specific actions, triggered when certain conditions occur. You get to the Event Menu by clicking the last, seventh button at the screen's bottom or via the hotkey E. On the left, it shows you all existing events; on the right all triggers already created to be utilised for the events. You can select an event or a trigger from their lists and modify them by clicking onto the Edit-button below them, you can delete events or triggers, or create new ones. Follow these link to get to a List of all Triggers and Events respectively. ¶

### Creating a Trigger ¶

In order to create a Trigger, you click at the New Trigger button and choose a Trigger from the list appearing then. At the right side you have a description of the Trigger's function. You select the Trigger by double-clicking it; you get to the options for that Trigger then, where you can name the trigger and set the values it needs for functioning (for example the time after which a Time Trigger shall be triggered, and whether the Trigger shall be triggered only once or consecutively). The Trigger is then added to the Registered Triggers List and can be chosen as condition for any Event. ¶

### Creating an Event ¶

When you click at the New Event button you get to the list of possible events and select one of them by double-clicking it. You have to set the name and the other values of the event then (like, for example, the area which shall be revealed in the Unhide Area event). Consecutively, you choose Triggers from the Registered Triggers List to be employed for that event and whether they have to be set (Trigger condition is true) or unset (Trigger condition is false); an event only occurs when all Triggers which should be set are set and all Triggers which should be unset are unset. Then the event is added to the Registered Events List. ¶

### Creating an Eventchain ¶

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