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# Download ¶

## Builds (pre-compiled packages) ¶

Widelands is using the hosting services of [Source Forge]( ¶

### Windows ¶

1. Download the setup file named Widelands-build*XX*-win32.exe from [downloads]( ¶
2. Double-click it and follow the instructions. ¶
3. Afterwards simply start Widelands by clicking on one of the generated icons (desktop, start menu, ...). ¶

#### Precompiled development packages ¶
[Tino](/profile/Tino) provides daily (or even more often compiled) builds. These can be found at []( ¶

### Linux ¶

__Note:__ It is likely, that there are pre-compiled packages for your Distribution. Widelands is tracked by any major Linux distribution. ¶

__Note2:__ The official ubuntu package in current versions are known to be missconfigured - translations will not work and some other smaller problems might occure. So i
f you use ubuntu, migtht be a betster iwould bea to download and use our version if you use ubuntu. ¶

1. Download the tarball named Widelands-build*XX*-linuxi386.tar.gz from [downloads]( ¶
2. Unpack the BZIP2 (tar -xvjf ) or ZIP file. ¶
E3. Open a terminal(e.g. konsole or xterm) and enter the newly created directory (cd widelands). ¶
4. Start the executable (./widelands). ¶

#### Precompiled development packages ¶
[Azagtoth](/profile/Azagtoth) provides daily builds of svn. Just go to []( Some browsers might
say scomethplaing about an invalid certificate. Just add it, and don't worry about it.

### Mac OS X ¶

1. Download disk image named Widelands-build*XX*.dmg from [downloads]( ¶
2. Open the Disk Image;
cCopy the executable to your local disk.
Double click it to run. ¶

## Source Code ¶

### Build ¶

The packages containing the tag _source_ are the source packages for this release, they usually come in two flavors: ZIP and TAR.BZ2. Both archives contain exactly the same content. ¶

Download the source of a build number at the [downloads page](
Note that you have to download the binary package as well, since they contain the data files needed to play Widelands.

### Subversion (SVN) ¶

If you plan to join development or are just interested in the latest inventions ¶
you should go for this. You __need to have__ SVN with SSL installed, to check-out the trunk. Type in the ¶
console: ¶

svn co widelands ¶

If (it might not) SVN asks you if it should accept the certificate of our SVN server, say (p)ermanently. ¶

After downloading the source, you might want to check BuildingWidelands for a !HowTo on building. ¶