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## Tutorial 5 - "The warlord's banner" ¶

Thron speaks – the traitor has left his armies dying where they lay as he saw that he would not keep my forces back. Kalitat disappeared in the mess of the war, but I don’t care now. Shall he flee and be forgotten for all times as a tribe leader that would not bow before the wooden throne, that is mine to take now. ¶
My scouts report, that the two raging tribes of my brothers are in chaos and have barely noticed the new danger that is about to strike them. However they would not care if they noticed I guess, blinded by rage and hate, there is no sense left in them at all I believe. ¶

So may it be, the generals are out to set up my troops and Boldreth himself will lead the first strike. I will ride by his side, to free Al’thunran of this war and bring peace back in our capitol. When the young sun rises above the trees tomorrow mourning, I will order the assault. By dusk, I will celebrate my victory in the wooden halls of the warlord and sacrifice a newborn sheep in the honour of my father whose eyes lie upon me today. ¶

So may it be! ¶

Mission – Military assault on Al’thunran. Destroy of the main enforcements of Thron’s two brothers. Liberating of the throne-circle. ¶

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