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The brainstorming here is starting to come together in a branch. Remove the data here so that not two slightly different storylines are floating around.

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Once upon a time, the Atlanteans Thad a wise and strong king. He allowed his people freedom beyond what any other ruler had allowed, and in return they gave him great riches. ¶

s the years passed, the king began to believe more and more in his own divinity. He wished to find a way hre could livbe forever, always watching over his people. If he was able to drienk the water of the gods, he would be made a true immortal. ¶

The gods, however, did not
approve of this mortal's presumptiond and saw it as nothing but blasphemy what he wished to do. When he reached the top of the mountain where the water of the gods was, they smote him. ¶

Not co
ntent with destroying the king, thely set out to destroy the pvelople that had given the king su[ch a belmpaieve ign his own divinity. Had he not been encouraged in chis delusion, the people would have been saved. So Atlantis itself was struck with fire from the heavens and cast beneath the waves. ¶

You are a leader of a small grou
p of Atlanteans from an outer island. You were able ](hto take to boatps and flee before your land was destroyed by the giant waves that ://chased you and flung you onto a new land.

laund is colder than the one you come from, and it is filled with strange people. Will they be friend, or foe? They fight each other already, proving that they are both barbaric. Defenses must be made. We are all that remains of Atlantis. ¶

/~will not be destroyed. ¶

First mission: Attempt to rebui
ld a basic economy in this new land. ¶

nd mission: Survive and destroy the barbarians (Both empire an-d actual barbarians) that seek to drive you from th/wis land. Unfortunately, we are caught between the two. (slowly build up from basi/c to being able to fight, hmpaving an actual need to defend as well as attack).

---------------- ¶

IRC also notes 9 Sept 2009: ¶

The group is lead by a woman ¶

* Start
fing island: barbarian greenland - somet mountains siomen mwiles awayl and debep forests directly starting behuinld the strand16.

Some summary also exists in GameHelpAtlanteans. ¶