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The probability of growing trees is something complicated in the game. Trees do grow only on specific terrains. This page should help you to make appropriate decisions to put which tree on which terrain in the editor.

Biomes and trees

There are 4 biomes in widelands which represents climate zones. Each of this biomes has terrains where trees grow well and terrains where trees wouldn't grow. A climate zone has mostly specific trees that will grow there. For example most palm trees would grow only on terrains of desert biome. So for each biome there are some trees that do only grow on some terrains of this biome. But some trees do also grow on terrains of other biomes. For example beech, being the most drought-resistant of the summer trees, will grow in some desert and wastland terrains.

Below are estimations for how well trees grow on each terrain. as the current algorithm doesn't allow precise calculation, those values are often approximate, and there is a bit of uncertainty on them. All terrains not included in the list will not grow trees.

Trees on terrains


Image(s) Name > 80% 40 to 80% 10 to 40% less than 10
summer_meadow1to4.png meadow 1 to 4 summer.png
bergwiese_00.png mountain meadow birch_oak.png ald_asp_row_spr.png
steppe_00.png steppe beech_palmcoco.png X
steppe_kahl_00.png barren steppe X X
strand_00.png beach X X


Image(s) Name > 80% 40 to 80% 10 to 40% less than 10
wasteland_hardg_1to4.png hard ground 1 to 4 wasteland_3.png
ashes_00.png ashes cirrus_liana.png cirrus_liana.png
ashes2_00.png ashes cirrus_liana.png mgreen_mdark_ugreen.png
wasteland_beach.png beach X X
hardlava_00.png igneous rocks X X


Image(s) Name > 80% 40 to 80% 10 to 40% less than 10
tundra_1to3.png tundra 1 to 3 larch_spruce.png
tundra_taiga_00.png tundra taiga birch_oak.png
winter_beach.png beach X X
snow_00.png snow X X
taiga_00.png taiga X


Image(s) Name > 80% 40 to 80% 10 to 40% less than 10
desert_steppe.png steppe pbor_pco_poi_proi.png alder_prois.png
meadow_00.png meadow pcoc_pdat_poil_proi.png alder.png
mountainmeadow_00.png mountain meadow pbor_pcoc_pdat_poil.png alder.png
highmountainmeadow_00.png high mountain meadow pborassus.png pbor_pcoc_beech.png
drysoil_00.png dry soil X