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Building a new Economy

The easiest way to understand the economies of Widelands tribes is to play the in-game-tutorial (main menu) and the campaigns (main menu --> single player), which show up all the important things needed to play.

The different economic networks of the 3 tribes are explained on their sites:

For those people that don't want to spend time playing our great tutorials X-D, here are a few examples of how you COULD start:

Strategy 1 (The "King of the Hill" face-smile.png )

This strategy is taken from a forum post and is most likely to be usable for the Barbarians

King of the Hills points out:

  • The order does not really matter. It is important to get to a point where you can build weapons and tools as quickly as possible.
  • He usually starts by building lumberjacks and a quarry. Then, he immediately builds a ranger.
  • Next, he tries to find coal and iron and starts mining with several mines (this will force you to start worrying about food supplies).
  • Then, he adds the coalburner, smelting works and metalworks.
  • Only after that does he care about the fernery, and about mining gold.
  • Then, he builds another coalburner, smelting works and an axe factory.
  • Once the number of soldiers is increasing, he tries to expand as quickly as possible to secure new resources.

Strategy 2 ("Take everything you can get" face-wink.png )

This offensive strategy is much harder. It can bring a fast success, but also might end in a total destruction of your tribe/empire, while you will have to start work with on demand resources, and won't have enough materials for a quick rebuild after a attack from an enemy right at the beginning.

The idea of this strategy is to take everything you can get. Land gives might and saves resources.

This will be the leading line:

  • You start with building four lumberjacks, two rangers/foresters and a woodhardener/sawmill.
  • As soon as most of these buildings are complete, you begin your fast expansion to every side from your headquarters. For this you use sentries (or barracks if you play Empire)
  • In the following time you will expand further as soon as you occupied new land. Only the military buildings at frontier will have full occupation, all others inside your land will stay with only one soldier.
  • Build up bigger military buildings only at important points (like mountain-passages).
  • During this chapter, you try to build up a base economy: Some further lumberjacks and rangers/foresters and woodhardeners/sawmills, as well as quarries, stonegrinders/stonemasons and ferneries.
  • If you feel like you have enough building materials you also can start to build some food-economy, to fill your stock with food for future mines.
  • End of the expansion-chapter will be as soon as you have only 1-3 soldiers as reserve left.
  • After that first chapter you build a strong food-economy, search for resources and build a few mines.
  • If everything went well and your economy works fine, you than can start building up all the remaining buildings, like burners, smelters, smiths, training camps, and bigger military buildings. And of course you can start to expand further.
  • Now it'll be just a matter of time, since you are strong enough, to attack and destroy your enemies.
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