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NOTE: This page is obsoleted by AtlanteanStory!

Quoth the Nasenbaer: "It shouldn't be to complicated, as atlantean story wouldn't show up as long as barbarian and empire tutorial hasn't be played, so it's more about describing the story of one group of atlanteans that was able to flee from the sunken capitol and has to rebuild up on unknown land (perhaps an island in front of a barbarian/empire frontier?) - but of course the basics of atlantean economy should be explained anyway ;)."

How about something like this for a plot outline:


"In all my years I've never seen such chaos. How can the sons and daughters of our noble nation fall into such a mindless panic? Our capitol has sunk to the sea, taking with it countless people who would not believe disaster was ahead, and others who completely lost their minds at the prospect of having to leave their homes."

"We were forewarned by a group of geologists whose research showed that something was not right with the ground under our feet, but few heeded their warning - no serious plans were ever made to leave Atlantis. We were lucky to not have a choice in the matter, since we were taking off on a journey to complete the map of the (INSERT COMPASS DIRECTION HERE)ern seas soon after the news struck. We got far enough to not be devoured by the raging sea. We have no idea if any others have survived."

(And now they're at this island at the empire/barbarian frontier since they were headed that way anyway... And have to start all over there. They get over the homesickness long enough to notice the land is fertile and a good place to serve as the foundation of New Atlantis.)

(The other two tutorials had "knowledgeable friends" who come in to educate the leader on what should be done next. I'm wondering if this one could have a leader who takes some initiative instead and asks people to get started on work and to report back what is needed when they need something.)

  • Leader calls up second protagonist, as "among us, you are the most knowledgeable in the crafts", and asks for advice. Where do we start in building New Atlantis? Gets advised to build the usual structures. The craftsperson is named to be in charge of this process. (Meritocratic behaviour - if you know what you're doing, you will be heard about it.)

  • Leader calls up third protagonist, an experienced soldier, who ponders that some protection may be needed in case the lesser peoples (that usually are seen as slave material) reside on this island as well. The soldierperson is named to be in charge of defense.

  • Possibly a fourth protagonist has geological tendencies and goes to study if the ground should be safe here, and ends up finding some minerals and is asked to organize some mines.

(Feel free to do whatever you please with it.)