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Map: Torus Planet

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Torus Planet


Most maps of Widelands have similarities to a torus, and this one reminds to planet. It contains all four types of terrain.


The map should be very fair. Even the foresters have almost the same efficiency here, no matter in which climate zone they are. And mining areas are well forestable. Starting positions are systematical distributed. Blue and ocher: Polar zone. Yellow and white: Temperate zone. Dark gray and red: Tropical zone. Pink (or whatever) and green: Wasteland zone face-smile.png

Comment by uploader:

If you want, you can edit this map and upload that. In this case, please just mention that I'm one of the authors

Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:320 x 320
Max. Players:8
Upload:by WorldSavior at 2017-06-08, 15:14
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


By the way, the distances on this map can be very high. So I'm glad that there are 4-hours-win-conditions in the game face-wink.png


This map is complicated face-smile.png

It's good to play, but a minus for the meagerly formed landscape face-wink.png


Yes, it is complicated. And it's complicated to conquer the whole planet, because the continent and the ocean are both so long... But this can also be interesting.

Well, I don't care so much about the look of a map, I'm more interested in the way how you can play there... So it's already a surprise that I used every four types of terrain face-wink.png


Won the game after 30:49 Game time face-smile.png

Round about 24 ports... and i don't know how many ships i build. I have to test the last save game with the ship statistics branch face-smile.png


Those numbers are not unusual for an autocrat match on that map, if you have got 7 opponents face-wink.png


I have to update the numbers:

34 Ports 61 ships



This is also not that unusual face-wink.png

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