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Map: small hex maze 2

Maps » small hex maze 2
small hex maze 2


Hexagonal grid maze. I suggest setting the win condition to ''Autocrat''.


6x4 ''tile'' maze; expect to meet the other fellow on the 4th tile from ''home''. The Gold is located in the NE and SW corners of the map. Blue should head NE; Red SW; but really you should head for both!

Comment by uploader:

I will post a msg in the map-editor forum. face-smile.png

Basic Information:

Author:Stephen Peter
World: One World
Dimensions:144 x 144
Max. Players:2

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Upload:by Speter at 2019-09-01, 04:41
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


Die Karte ist viel interessanter als man durch das Minibild vermutet. Leider ist die KI sehr schwach (nur 1 Gegner) und das Gold ist am Arsch der Welt "versteckt". Bis man dort ist hat man den Gegner schon 10 mal geschlagen.

I like your map, but maybe you will make a "version 3" ??? This map is big enough for 4 players - maybe the AI will be stronger than. And the gold should be distributed then a little better.


Thanks for your comment.

This map is "version 2" because my first version was larger; I thought having the "tiles" smaller would make the map more challenging.

The Gold is distributed "at the ends of the world" face-smile.png intentionally to make getting the gold a challenge.

The map is symmetrical, so both players have the same difficulty.

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