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Six clans clash on an achipelago, struggling for the resources. As ships are slid into the sea, the sounds of the waves drown out the battle cries. Will this unfogriving land be shared, or will all six clans lose themselves in greed?

Comment by uploader:

This was created using my WMF merge script, found on the forum here

Highly recommended that you know how to use ports and ships well. This was a test of the endurance of the script really, but I decided to fill in the details and tidy it up a bit in the editor to make it playable. My maps are not for the novice, they really require some knowledge of how the game is played, especially if you play using anything other than Atlanteans as I tend to tailor them to that particular tribe. Please, if you do play the map, let me know what you think, good or bad, offer me some feedback on here or message me in private if you want, I enjoy making these and am also working on scenarios.

Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:400 x 400
Max. Players:6
Upload:by KittenKoder at 2013-04-21, 06:45
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The download file name is called "port_spaces", and it's a zip file. Can you rename the filename extension to .wmf and rename the file name to "Sea-O-Isles" ? But the filename in loadmaps is correct.

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