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3 players start on 3 little island. Who will conquer the last island? (recommanded to play artifact or territorial time, but autocrat can lead to a draw)

Comment by uploader:

balanced map for 3 players. Seafaring, artifacts. I created this map with a python algorithm. Only manually add portspaces and player starting positions.

Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:144 x 144
Max. Players:3
Upload:by gnarfk at 2019-11-25, 23:32
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


Causes crash with error Fatal exception: Tribe 'frisians' has no indicators for amount 60 of resource 'stones' (highest possible amount is 0)! FATAL ERROR - game crashed. Attempting emergency save. Game: Writing Preload Data ... Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Also no water or animals


I am sorry for the crash, i played a full game and there was no problem. Did you have a water problem ? On meadow there is unlimited water.

I still have to add animals, but, as i created this with a script it is not easy to add everything. I will try to update a corrected map when i will have time to fix it.


Stürzt nach max. 5 Minuten immer ab!

Crashes after max. 5 minutes!

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