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Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:256 x 256
Max. Players:8

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Upload:by the-x at 2020-09-28, 14:53
This map requires a version of Widelands build 21 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


4 Players start in a Valley, 2 play front, one defensive backup helping hand in Teamplay and one full Economy, which aims at creating a massive economy whilst the other have smaller distannces and try to gain land

Gold needs a little more effort, since there are only 2 spots in the world: one is in the middle island where the backup player has nice access to one is on the "Surrounding Island" wich surrounds the whole Onion. It aims at perfect gameplay for short games, a long game will only then take place, when the defending Teamk manages to espacpe in Time to the Island, like a whole new world.

Later stages the Islands dissolve and a lot decing is the power of each Economy Player

Rush Player will aim at winning the game very fast, whilst depending on Team Strategy he will get either support from "Backup" or Economy Player. In Multiplayer here happens real Teamplay (see also "Teampartner" Map for 6 Players or "Dinosaur Valley" for Surrounding with 2 Economy and 1 Rush).


It opens up a Game for a lot of Decisions, effective Teamplay on both sides of the Onion and for many ends. Two nice rush player can manage to win the game and make it short, Defensive Team might be able so settle the new continent in time which is connceted with stone, Economy can grow impossible strong


Interesting are also the different stages in the game:

At Dinosaur Valley first you try to get the Iron its easy to get and little of fighting and very hard that the oppo manages to get you off the iron, even if it happens, your back player will help you and since its nearer to your starting location its like 70%/30% easier to defend. Next stage is a structure that will hold with fortresses, buildings and so on, your border is set and a lot of Teamplay - who helps who, where you want to expand. From silent, again comes a lot of action: Now the whole map is two dimensional, with your oppo everywhere and you shall manage in this stage to secure your gold mountain and devide it with your partners whilst looking that the enemy doesnt go there and trying to hold a defense, since your economy player is always behind you and in some cases also the super eco it is ion any case great Teamplay

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