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No metal challenge


Do you like big maps? Do you like to build a huge economy? Are you frustrated for being unable to play large maps because other humans won't play for so long and AI is pathetically weak at building an economy? Are you tired of those questions? Then play this map. As blue player, you have enough iron to start your economy. Then you must rely on the 5% chance to produce on an empty mine. Can you still outprodce an AI with that limitation? Well, you probably can, can you? But can you outproduce six? P.S. Don't try to swarm an enemy early and take his metal. It won't work. P.P.S. This map is intended only for a solo challenge.

Comment by uploader:

pretty much what it says. you have to make an economy good enough that you will outproduce six AI with only 5% chances of getting ores. You may think of trying to rush one AI and steal their metal, but I've taken measures against that - although i could not make it completely impossible, it's very hard to do and relies a lot on luck. Most important, that's not how the map is supposed to be played, so be ashamed for even thinking about it.

I managed to defeat it the way it is supposed - building a massive army and defeating all enemies when they reach you; after that, I consider the map won without need to actually conquer them - with barbarians, thanks to their cheap economy. I won with empire too, but I had to use a bit of a trick to prevent the AI from attacking. That trick may or may not have worked with atlanteans, but it required so much continuous micromanaging that I gave up, at least for now.

Basic Information:

Author:King of nowhere
World: One World
Dimensions:304 x 304
Max. Players:7

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Upload:by king_of_nowhere at 2015-09-29, 16:55
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


i managed to make the trick work with atlanteans too, and I won with them, but they are the most difficult. Also, I had to make the AI defensive to win.


Don't know, those geometrical maps are quite boring for me. I played this map for about 2 and a half hour and i found nothing interesting, sorry...


ah, well, it's not for everyone. it takes some 12-15 hours for the AIs to reach you, and the fun for me is building up enough army with the map's limitation in that time. I can see that many people would become bored before that. I make my maps mostly for myself anyway. I put some more care into details since i started posting them, but ultimately, i wake up one day thinking I'd like to face a specific challenge, make a map for it, play it until i am satisfied, (which also doubles as playtesting), and then i post it because, why not?


It's nothing against your map face-smile.png I think there are two (or maybe more) types of players (and map makers):

  1. Strategical
  2. Visual

I am one of the second players. I like maps which are more surprising. Starting a game and find a landscape which is not predictable, more natural. But the first ones do need also some food face-grin.png


Völlig bescheuert: wie beschrieben kann man nicht selber den Gegner bis in die Heimat angreifen (P.S. Don't try to swarm an enemy early and take his metal. It won't work.), weil der Gegner so gebaut hat daß man nicht durch kommt.

Wartet man auf den Gegner, müßte man viele Stunden (schätze mal 20) ohne Tätigkeit herumsitzen, bis er die dicken Steinbarieren durchgeackert hat. Und dann hat man keine Chance weil seine Solaten bis dahin voll ausgerüstet sind - der Gegner hat nämlich Gold und man selber nicht. Dazu kommt daß man selber auch noch sehr wenig Eisen hat.

Ich verstehe denn sinn dieser Karte nicht - glatte SECHS.


I've beaten it with Frisians using recent trunk (bzr9141). It took me 11 hours to get a lead in military power, so it was quite tense. However, it took another 4 or so hours for the AIs to reach me. At that point I had a fair lead over them and managed to drive them off. Only 4 of them were a threat though. The purple player (Barbarians) had only poorly trained soldiers and I don't think they scored a single kill against me. The green player (Empire) failed to leave their starting position at all.

All in all, pretty fun challenge. The worst part were constant annoying messages about depleted mines. face-tongue.png

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