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Map: Lost Islands

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Lost Islands


Medium-sized island lost in Pacific. Three players, big empty spaces. Long play.

Comment by uploader:

This is a special map - because of algorithm it was created with. It is simulation of earth plates movement and collisions. I used this tool: and also the help of creators of the application. The tool also simulates biomes and further details. The map is for 3 players, you will have enough time to build economy before you meet your enemies. Also seafaring would be much useful, but probably not absolutely necessary.

Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:400 x 400
Max. Players:3

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Upload:by Tibor at 2015-07-04, 21:25
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


I really like the map! Big enough to make great empire and it is full of different landscapes.

The only problem I can see are the mountains: they are too big. Maybe some ice (glacier) would help? But this is only my opinion face-wink.png


What exactly do you mean with "big"? I used the generator (as I mentioned) and I dont want to manipulate the map manually afterwards (at least not significantly, a lot of small changes were needed, for ports and so on.)

BTW: is the seafaring necessary here? what is your opinion?


This was for Einstein13 face-smile.png


You could use smaller map like 200x200 (rescale output object), but 400x400 is great choice. Enough means that you have plenty of time to create all the stuff needed for war (attack, defense, complex economy, ...).

Seafaring is needed for good play. Some islands are just very small, but for me seafaring add some taste to this map. Not only main 3 continents (or 2 of them?), but also some small maps. Very good for complex ground-water war face-smile.png

This map should wait for build 20 or 21 when ships will be able to attack a port. That was old topic and probably here we can try everything. You can make any war you want: through the sea or through the land. Both is needed to win the map.


I would like to create even 512x512 but when I open such big map in editor (for additional tweaking) - the editor lags badly. With 400x400 the lags are negligible.

Some islands are indeed really small - but this is to mimic real world - so this is intentional.. face-smile.png


Great fun for fast economy growth and the natural feel of the map is apparent as one explores. Red player is at a disadvantage so choose this spot if you prefer a challenge.

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