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Map: Greenland Melting

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Greenland Melting


Since the north pole has moved to Alaska, our land is an inhabitable desert. We sent few scouts to find a new land and we have received a message about Greenland. I have heard about its beautiful fjords and fertile land. Although there is almost no iron and gold, I think it should be fine. We don't need iron as long as we don't need any army and we are not going to fight there. Let's choose this place to be our new home and start a peaceful life.


2 teams: blue+red+green x yellow+gray+orange, 3 teams: blue+yellow x red+orange x green+gray. 3 players: use colours of one of 2 teams, 4 players: blue+yellow x green+gray. Ports are situated only by the inner lake. I recommend to use them only while played by 4 players or less. You have to use empty mines to get gold and iron in the later stages of the game. Orange is at the top of the map; his entire territory is frosty.

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Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:336 x 288
Max. Players:6
Upload:by OIPUN at 2020-12-16, 14:45
This map requires a version of Widelands build 21 or newer!
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Diese Karte hat eine sehr ausgewogene Landschaft. Durch meine Testläufe fand ich heraus, dass diese Karte sehr ausgewogen ist. Das einzige, das man verbessern könnte, mehr Details einzubauen. Diese Karte hat 10 Sterne verdient.


Danke für die Bewertung. Die besten Details baut jeder Spieler beim Spielen ein...

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