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Europa 1.1


A huge europe map. Blue = Sweden Red = Italy Yellow = Spain Green = Turkey Black = Russia Orange = England Purple = France White = Poland

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Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:512 x 512
Max. Players:8

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Upload:by Holloweye at 2014-11-23, 15:06
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I am playing this map since more than 25 hours in game time. Great map, really fun for everyone who wants to play en epic game. I will share more of my experiences when I finish it, at the moment I have conquered about 2/3 of Europe


That's awesome. How good do the bots play? And do you feel that the forest / mines ratio good?


For such a huge map they play surprisingly well. It is very clear that there has been done much work on the improvement of AI in widelands! That's great! They continue to expand, grow military, build buildings and get to knew ports! Really cool! Nevertheless, I was never in danger to loose, although they conquered from time to time some buildings on fronts where my soldiers weren't able to be reinforced in time (over sea).

There is enough forest and mines. Everything fine! I started in UK btw.


A beautiful map, but unsuitable for non-babarians. It lacks granite. Started in Britain with Atlanteans and got stuck. A quick check in the editor showed that next crystal will be found in Norway! There's neither any marble in Italy, where I placed an empire AI.


An epic map. Don't know if the comment from laotse is from a different version but there is enough crystal in Britain and in Italy there are a lot of stones at the startposition and marble-mines north. I played it several times from different starting positions and also test which ai-tribe-combinations give working enemys. So if you want the ai to get a working economy set the following tribes: blue (sweden) = empire red (italy) = empire yellow (spain) = none green (Turkey) = barbarians black (russia) = barbarians purple (france) = barbarians white (poland) = empire Orange (britain) = Atlanteans

ai with atlanteans in Britain was the second best ai in one game and get a working economy in every of the games i played. In Spain the ai get no working economy with any tribe. Headquarter is in the desert, you need to go southwest to find place to get your foresters working but the ai allways builds the forresters / rangers near the headquarter in the desert and than has no wood.


Extrem gressive Gegner von denen die Meisten auch noch was drauf haben. Mag eigentlich keine so großen Karten, aber Die habe ich zu 70% durchgespielt (dann wurde es zu langweilig).

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