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Map: Crossing the Horizon

Maps » Crossing the Horizon
Crossing the Horizon


Man your ship and sail to the horizon.

Comment by uploader:

Modified over the horizon map for AI training

Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:144 x 144
Max. Players:4

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Upload:by hessenfarmer at 2018-04-01, 23:14
This map requires a version of Widelands newer than build 18!
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Comments on this Map:


Inseln zu klein um beim Gegner anzulegen, somit sinnlos zu spielen.


I'd say that this a little bit harsh... One can still play the map with peaceful win conditions.


Agree with WS. However there is a worse problem. Playing artifacts it is not possible to win because there is a unique island in the middle of the ocean with the last artifact that can not be taken. There is a port in the south and 2 red building spaces after you build the port. Neither red spot will reach the artifact with a small military building (at least as Atlanteans as far as I know) and conquering all the land possible from both red spots opens up no new building spots. None at all. Zero.

Oh actually Kralle has a point if you chose to play autocrat. Also impossible to win with that since no island contains 2 ports so enemies can never meet as he wrote.

I'd guess the map is ok with collector, wood gnome and territory win conditions but it should really warn people that it's only good with those.


This map was only uploaded to share it with some commenters on AI training. As far as I know the only difference to the orignal map was that I added some iron in the starting mountain to help the Ai make a port and a ship. After some training the AI (from b20 onwards) should be able to escape the islands in about 75% of attempts depending on the tribe used

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