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Map: Cross 8

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Cross 8


A single convoluted continent; with the starting positions near the centre.


Head away from the centre. I suggest victory condition = territorial lord (or Autocrat). The map is made up of 4 large land masses, connected at the outer edge - at the middle of the North, South, West & East edges of the map. Beat the opposition to the 'connectors', and build a fortress etc, to block the other side's access, and you win.

Comment by uploader:

This is a map I created in 2018 and edited a number of times since then; it is based on Cross2 (which I have also uploaded today). I had lost Cross2 and since it was a favourite, I created this new version. When I finally found my original version (Cross2) I was surprised at how different the maps were. face-smile.png

The map is for up to 4 players.

The land is one continent divided into 4 fairly equal sections which are connected at the edges.

Enjoy. face-smile.png

Basic Information:

Author:Stephen Peter
World: One World
Dimensions:144 x 144
Max. Players:4
Upload:by Speter at 2019-12-28, 09:19
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


Die Karte ist klasse für "echte" Spieler - leider kommt die KI damit nicht besonders zurecht.


Sprich: Gegner ziemlich schwach (im Prinzip spielt man alleine), baut teilweise völlig bescheuert . . .


also in der neuesten Entwicklungsversion haben 2 von 4 Ki spielern nach 6,5 Stunden Gold gefunden. Aber ja die Karte ist für die KI ein wenig schwierig.

Reply to Original:

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