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Map: Crete's Vineyard

Maps » Crete's Vineyard
Crete's Vineyard


A long island with many plains and hills, perfect for a vineyard to produce sweat grapes and heavy vine.


Rich on resources. Not balanced for 4 players (red and blue are in the middle, harder to win). Ideal for 2 teams (red+blue x yellow+green) or for 2 players (red x blue or yellow x green). The yellow-green combination takes a lot of time to win as the starting positions are far away.

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Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:384 x 144
Max. Players:4
Upload:by OIPUN at 2020-11-25, 17:14
This map requires a version of Widelands build 21 or newer!
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Please do not download. New version Crete’s Vineyard v.2 is uploaded, with more immovables and a better landscape definition.

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