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Map: Crater - Blackland Cover

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Crater - Blackland Cover


Long after a meteor crashed into a couple of mountains, life blossoms in the crater. Two tribes are now fighting for the rich resources.

Comment by uploader:

First cover map ever? I converted the greenland map Crater into a blackland map. So you can enjoy it without that much loud bird noise (I also replaced many animals by quiet ones). The tree growth possibilities should be equal to the original ones.

It would be interesting if we would have more cover maps like this.

Basic Information:

Author:Tarrei - covered by WorldSavior
World: One World
Dimensions:64 x 64
Max. Players:2

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Upload:by WorldSavior at 2018-12-10, 18:40
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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