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It's a pleasure to settle in the beauty of this fissured countryside. But the ways to encompass these large territories are long and meandering, so it is easy to err in the land of the foreign clans. Suggested Teams: blue vs red, yellow vs green, (blue, yellow) vs (red, green), (blue, green) vs (red, yellow)

Comment by uploader:

My objective was to create a map where you can conquer most of the land without ships, but with ships its much easier (and more fun) because of shorter transportation ways. Another aim was to make the map fair for 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2.

Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:192 x 192
Max. Players:4
Upload:by Kristin at 2013-08-11, 19:05
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Comments on this Map:


A fun map with great opportunities for seafaring and plenty of room for large economies.


Is this map actually playable? Being used to the old Settler II discovery ship concept, I wondered how to use ships and finally found a site saying that they only serve as long distance paths to land that one has already gone to by walking. If so, how can a game on that map ever come to an end if you there is no connection to the other island by walking (i.e. over land)?


With ships you can start an expedition to another island, once you find a suitable place for a port you can give instuctions to build a port from the supplies onboard. The ship. and any others you build then automatically sail back and forth witjh wares and people as needed.


That's the main problem of widelands and settlers II, johannes. We can produce any map with islands, but the winning contitions can make you crazy. No way to win and no way to loose. But playing with other people in that case means something different than "win" face-smile.png


Genau diese Map ist bei Widelands schon original mit dabei - warum soll ich sie hier runterladen???

Interessante Karte - Gegner sehr lasch . . .


Zu diesem Zeitpunkt gab es die Map bestimmt noch nicht.

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