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Map: Astoria 2.R

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Astoria 2.R


Long, economic play in beautyfull land, try every player!!

Comment by uploader:

Long economic play in beatyfull land (you can try every player, all was tested and detailed in land graphic) for first try player 1 face-smile.png if you have questions or feedback: pbuczny()

Basic Information:
World: One World
Dimensions:240 x 224
Max. Players:5

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Upload:by Asatarean at 2018-07-21, 18:29
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


Looking good, only about halfway with a territorial lord game but enjoying what I see. AI playing Atlantians and Empire seemed to have got stuck several hours ago, I think they were in positions 3 and 4, not sure if this is an AI problem or a map one, will check later. Also not sure how this plays as artifacts, they seem to be clumped together but I will give feedback later, when I have tried it.


artifacts are not redy for this map:/ they are only for graphic reasons.. i dont think about that hmm will be bether on next realise :>


Schöne Karte wenn man gemütlich ohne Feindberührung spielen will. Sehr gut für Anfänger!

Schade daß man später keine freien Hafenplätze auf den anderen Inseln mehr findet und somit den Feind nicht bekämpfen kann.


Spielen Sie erneut und bauen Sie den Port schneller in den ersten 2 Stunden des Spiels


Great fun - enjoyed building a sprawling empire and striking upon new shores with seafaring. Thanks!

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