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Topic: Ring: An attempt at creating an interesting, large, balanced 8-player map


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Posted at: 2012-01-19, 12:13

Dear widelands players, recently I created my first widelands map. I have attempted to create an interesting, large (256x256), balanced 8-player map; some playtesting against the AI did not show any major problems; in particular, AI players seem to be able to make good progress on the map.

It can be found at

Here's the minimap:

The map is based on the following aspects wanted to see in it:

  • Somewhat realistic division of geography - rivers flow glaciers in the mountains through hills and finally plains to the sea.
  • Somewhat realistic distribution of resources: Different resources often found at some distance to each other.
  • Gold is valuable, and thus rare, especially in the early game.
  • There are places of strategic importance, such as river crossings, that military action focuses on.


P.S.: bbcode doesn't seem to work for me in the preview, I hope this turns out ok in the post.

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Posted at: 2012-04-22, 20:24

This map seems interesting, I'm gonna give it a go!

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Posted at: 2012-04-23, 08:52

Oh my, I somehow missed this in january. I want to play this map so badly... but thesis goes first.

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