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Topic: do something about it.

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Posted at: 2011-05-18, 18:10

I love real time strategy games, especially once with different ages... There is just one thing i am not so impressed with for a newbie, the GUI. I know its not easy work but can you improve on it. It would make my strategy loving friends onboard... My first Open source strategy too. Thanks

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Posted at: 2011-05-18, 18:20

I think it would help the devs, if you suggest an improved UI with mockups for example or describing, what you would do better.

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Posted at: 2011-05-18, 20:33

welcome to the forum, princess face-smile.png

The best way to improve upon the gui is to provide graphics and mockups. We will glady include them if they are better than the current ones. Also, there are other people already suggesting gui improvements. Just check out the graphics forum.

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Posted at: 2011-05-18, 21:06

Welcome princess!

It would be nice if you could input your suggestions into this thread: I want to revamp the whole gui and I am always open for ideas and help.

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