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Topic: While building: Show range of the building and add a stop button

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Posted at: 2009-04-06, 23:27

When you select a building from the menu of available buildings for a site, you can see the range of the building, e.g. how far a lumberjack would walk to cut down a tree. When the lumberjacks hut is up and running, you can have the range beings shown from the buildings menu. BUT: While the building is under construction, the menu only allows for tearing the site down (and debug it, of course), but a) you can not have the range displayed, and b) it is not possible to halt the building process temporary (in case of a lack of materials). The important part of b) is that while building is suspended, no new materials should be accepted on-site.

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Well, - in most cases you can just cut the road to the constructionsite, if needs be...

as for the rest, see

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