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Topic: Coat of Arms: Barbarians


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Posted at: 2011-02-08, 09:45

My god, this thread is busy :). My 2c about the build icons: I like the idea of refreshing the looks, but I suggest experimenting with non-perspective rendering (ortho rendering, see cam parameters in blender). The small icons with the strong building-lines (Fluchtlinie) feel wrong to my eyes; too much perspective. I would also not try to "place" the small buildings on the map; having them as an overlay seems more unambiguious to me. Having them rendered without perspective will help this pictogram feeling. Otherwise I like the way this is heading very much!

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Posted at: 2011-02-08, 15:27

Something about the Atlantean coat of arms: Maybe it’s just my monitor, but the island seems to be very dark. Even if I turn up the brightness to 100% I can’t see much more than a silhouette. Could you please brighten it up a bit?

And another thing: Now this thread is handling five topics at once (coat of arms Barbarians, Widelands logos, coat of arms Atlanteans, building help, banner Barbarians). That’s confusing. Could you please next time open a new thread for a new topic?

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