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Topic: new feature for faster work with the editor ?

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Posted at: 2010-10-21, 10:18

The actual editor is too weak for some operations.

I think, that any steps should work like a paint editor, for example:

= filling tool =

Starting to create a new map, I draw with width 1 the outline for sea, mountain ... now a good tool should fill water, grass .... til this outline with one mouse click


An other every important feature should be:

= Zoom out =

I think, that negative zoom for 2, 4 and 8 is enough, so that the complet map can shown in working view, also for starting to creating a new map, for example:

  • create a new map

  • zoom out for total view in editor window

  • draw the outline for the different areas, grasland, river, moutain ...

  • and then zoom in to work for details


A nice feature:

= copy / paste and rotate =

for example:

  • I create map A with coastal zone and a big map behind

  • now I copy this zone from map A

  • open map B and paste it

  • rotate this zone 180 degree and can start to draw a new map as following from the other, I think it's nice for creating campaign's

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