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Topic: Opponents Military buildings just Burn

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Posted at: 2024-02-10, 22:35

I might not be the first one to notice this but I haven't found anything on this specific quirk that I've discovered. If my opponents military building is cut off from the roads that connect it to a warehouse or HQ it will eventually just go up in flames and the soldiers who where in there will run around aimlessly until they die unless they find a flag that connects to a warehouse or HQ. This does take a long while though. This works on outposts, towers, and fortresses. To save yourself soldiers, just cut the opponent off and choke them out. Especially if they have very skilled warriors in these buildings. Now: how long exactly this takes I do not and want to know. Also why does this work? How else could I exploit this and possibly other mechanics? Anything is greatly appreciated because this got me very curious as I found that out and now I wonder what else there might be. Thank you

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Posted at: 2024-02-11, 18:05

I think this will be a decision of the AI to burn them down.

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Posted at: 2024-02-12, 07:35

Also, the "running around aimlessly" also applies to you: if you happen to, say take an enemy building and only afterwards decide to burn it down, while it is not connected to your street system and a little too "far off", your soldiers will do the same. Another example are geologists that are on the edge of your terrain when you cut off "their" flag: if you are lucky, they find their way back - but chances are not bad they will not. This is not the 'willfully destroy this building'-part of your observation, but I also always found it curious why they can't find their way back.

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