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Topic: newlines in translations?


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Posted at: 2010-10-06, 11:02

When working on some of the en_GB translations I noticed there is a mixture of html new lines (the "
") and simple newline characters themselves (i.e. just what happens when pressing the enter/return keys).

My question is, which one should I use?

Also, will windows in Widelands lay out the text correctly if there aren't newlines? (i.e. if a window is resized, will the text lines shift correctly?)

Are newlines on Launchpad treated as just spaces in the game and we have to use "

I don't want to risk having text running off the side of someone's screen while they are playing the game, or ending up with a huge unspaced wall of text if I don't use the "

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Posted at: 2010-10-06, 12:50

Always use exactly the same as in the original text. This depends on how the text is used in the game. Changing or skipping the line breaks will scramble the layout in widelands. What happens exactly again depends on how the strings are used in widelands. Newlines and "
" work in widelands. But again: Which one have to be used depends on the usage of the string.

Linebreaks must not be changed in the translations.


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