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Topic: Geologists

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Posted at: 2023-12-24, 20:48

How do you summon a geologist to survey the ground, I click on the flag but no option to send out geologist??

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Posted at: 2023-12-25, 12:06

I'm not sure what to tell you. The option to send a geologist is always there when you click one of your own flags, even if the flag is not connected to anything and you have no geologists. (The geologist will only go there if there is a road connected to the flag, but you can still say that you want to send a geologist there even with no road.) So, click the flag and select send geologist.

I can think of two possibilities that might have gone wrong in your case. The first is that you might not have actually put a there. If you have the build space icons turned on, then it kind of looks like there are flags all over the place. But those aren't actual flags, those are just locations where you can place a flag (but not a building). You can toggle those icons on and off with spacebar. The second possibility is that your flag might be in the fog of war. If you destroyed the military building that was controlling the area, or it was captured or something, then you may not have vision of the flag, and so you won't be able to interact with it. ... But that seems unlikely, because if you have a road to the flag then there would be carrier standing on the road who would be able to see the flag for you. (And also, if you didn't have vision of the flag, I think you'd notice and realise what the problem was.) ...

So that's it. My best guess is that you don't actually have a flag yet, and so you should place the flag (and connecting road) so that you can send the geologist. But that's just my guess. If that isn't the problem, then maybe you'll need to post more details of what you are trying.

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Posted at: 2023-12-26, 12:06

Hi AHarlot and welcome the forum! face-smile.png

There should be a button like shown below.

If this button is missing, please provide information about the used widelands version and used OS.


Fight simulator for Widelands:

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