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Topic: Military Graph

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Posted at: 2023-10-29, 10:25

In earlier versions, each training step of a soldier and each new rookie changed the miliatry graph value by one. Why isn't this the case anymore? For example, if you now train dozens of amazon rookies to attack level 1, you will only see a couple of addtional points in the graph, so the opponent cannot really figure out what happens if he looks at the graph....

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Posted at: 2023-10-29, 23:40

That was done in #5607. It was so early in the v1.2 cycle that I first thought it might have been already in v1.1. face-smile.png Training bonus is now calculated with a quadratic formula, and a maximum level soldier is worth 20 points for all tribes. So a level 1 soldier is worth 1.19 points and level 2 is 1.76. (slightly more for Atlanteans)

(20 was just a guesstimate by Nordfriese. The actual theoretical strengths of max level soldiers are only between 11 and 12 times of level 0, though if you factor in that the survivor of a battle can go home to heal, then 20 doesn't look unreasonable.)

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