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Topic: Help with campaign - "Struggling for a new home again"

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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2024-02-12, 19:37

I know, that makes sense from a story point of view. But: are those materials actually added to their economy? And even if they are: do those few materials actually make a difference?

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Posted at: 2024-02-13, 19:05

Yes, they are added. (though, for technical reasons, not when the trader replaces the ware with a coin) See function wares_delivery() in scripting/mission_thread.lua.

And yes, 9 pieces of iron and 16 pieces of coal certainly make a difference. The 4 pieces of gold should help a little too, and while logs don't matter that much (except for Atlanteans...), 25 pieces of them should still matter.

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