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Topic: Fishers cannot fish from roads along the sea shore / river bank.

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Posted at: 2023-07-05, 05:56

I discovered that fishers cannot fish from roads so if you build a road along the whole water's edge inside the fisher house range, the fisher house will show "0% Out of Fish" but when you demolish the road, the fisherman will come out of the house and fish from the coast again and the fisher house will no longer show "Out of Fish". Bear this in mind when building near a shoreline.

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Posted at: 2023-07-07, 18:02

Yup, I posted that a while back too after watching fishers I saw they avoided flagged coasts. Ironically if the water is se from the desired fisher it is best to go a flag inland so as to avoid blocking the nearest coastline. There might be a fish resource there.

I suppose it is a technical problem or limitation because it doesn't make sense they can't fish off a road or bridge. But that's the way it is.

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Posted at: 2023-07-13, 08:28

discussion about the behaviour:
same behaviour with water gatherer:
bug reports about:
ship and ferry construction is also blocked by roads.

This seems to be mentioned in a campaign (according to the forum discussion). No idea in which one.
Would maybe still be worth to mention it in the help texts of the buildings.

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