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Topic: Lua, immovable attributes

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Posted at: 2023-03-09, 10:41

The thing about internal names of terrains, resources etc is that you can't find those in the homepage encyclopedia. It only lists tribes-specific units. So a centralized place to look up the internal names of every game unit would be very useful to have.

However I think the editor is not the right place for this since it is not directly related to Lua scripting. In my on-hold-indefinitely scenario editor you don't even need internal names by the way.

So how about creating such an overview of units and internal names but putting it elsewhere? The add-ons manager's Development tab for example might be a suitable place to access a dialog with all units in the game with their encyclopedia entries and enhanced scripting-relevant information, such as their internal names, attributes, which add-on (if any) defines them, and where to find the defining Lua files.

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Posted at: 2023-03-09, 12:08

I would not object to have this in the Addon managers develeopment tab. However I am still convinced we should have all of this information available on the homepage as well from the "Development - documentation - Lua Scripting section" (might be by internal links though)

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Posted at: 2023-03-09, 16:59

Don't how others do lua scripting, most of the time i need the map in the editor open to find e.g. relevant field coordinates. If the information is inside the add-ons manger one has to open two instances of the game to get both information (internal names and field coordinates from the map).

If inside the editor is the wrong place, then it should be like hessenfarmer says, imho: Somewhere on the homepage. So scripting needs maximal three windows open: The widelands map editor, an internet Browser (probably with some tabs open) and a text editor.

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