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Topic: Nochmal Schiffbauoptimierung

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Posted at: 2022-12-06, 22:17

Wie wäre es mit einer Stapellauf-Animation?

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Posted at: 2022-12-07, 00:22

Das is mehr als Optimierung. face-smile.png

(Sorry for continuing in English) We don't have the original author of the ships of the 3 old tribes around any more, and creating new animations is hard. I've been working on re-exporting high resolution images for the existing Empire ship animations for a while, but it has been very hard, because the model we had in the archive was not the finished version. So I had to fix many things, learning a lot of new areas of blender in the process. I finished it just a couple of days ago, so now I'm going to start working on the Barbarian and Atlantean ship models soon, but I've already seen that those also have big problems.

When they're all done, it may be possible to create another image based on the last build step but with the scaffolding removed. That could be used similar to building steps, but swept from top to bottom instead. Anything more complicated is unlikely to happen. However only the Empire ship has big scaffolding, the Atlantean and Barbarian ships have much smaller, and the Frisian and Amazon ships have none.

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