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Topic: Download EXE

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Just found this site
Posted at: 2022-11-19, 15:22

I am a developer and one of the biggest problems I have is after I make a program and put it up for download the browser calls it a virus, Windows will not let you run it, etc. etc.

However, I downloaded your software and got no warnings from the browser and had zero trouble with the install.

I was just wondering how you guys did that?

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Posted at: 2022-11-24, 02:04

I don't really know, but since nobody's answering I'll try to offer some guesses.

I can think of these potential factors:

  1. The website you're downloading from. If it's seen as less trustworthy by the browser (and especially if the connection is not encrypted) you might get more warnings.

  2. The digital signature embedded in the executable file. If the program isn't signed you'll probably get more warnings.

  3. The popularity of the file. The system or the browser might be checking a database of known files and less popular ones might get more warnings.

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