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Topic: System Requirements

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Posted at: 2022-10-09, 17:47

On the Wiki download page (, under system requirements, it says:

Widelands will work with most any operating system, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. All modern versions of these operating systems are supported, but Widelands will run on many outdated versions as well. It does not use any fancy frameworks.

Are there specific os versions that Widelands is required to run under? For example, is Widelands required to operate under Windows 7? Windows XP? What constitutes a "modern" operating system?

Rich Holton

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Posted at: 2022-10-09, 18:03

By "modern", we mean OS versions that still receive updates from their vendors. For Windows that's versions 10, 11, and Server 2022. Win 7 and XP most likely work too, but we don't guarantee that since they're EOL.

For Ubuntu, we fully support all STS and LTS versions that are still in support (currently 18.04 and newer) plus the most recent out-of-support LTS version (16.04).

For other Linux and BSD, everything that has Widelands in its repos or can run flatpaks.

For MacOS, version 10.9 and newer.

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