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Topic: Worker waiting at unserved port

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I have a port at a location where no other buildings remain. At this port, there is a worker waiting to depart in order to complete a disassembly on another island.

Will a ship ever pick up this worker? There are no wares that need to be taken to or from the port, just the worker.

Is there some upper limit to how long a "call" can go unanswered? There are other workers around, but this disassembly seems to be tied to this worker.

Rich Holton

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Posted at: 2022-09-22, 19:31

Yes, the worker will be picked up eventually. He may have to wait a while though, a port with just a single item has very low priority. The shipping algorithm prioritizes ports by the number of goods (wares and workers) waiting to be picked up there, but every time a port with waiting goods does not get a ship yet its priority is increased so as to ensure it will get a ship after some time even if more important passengers keep coming in elsewhere.

Once a ware or worker is assigned to a destination, it will not be unassigned even if another, equivalent item becomes more readily available nearby. This will never be changed due to being too CPU-intensive. You can manually force a recomputation though by either reducing the slot capacity to zero and then resetting it (wares only), or disconnecting and reconnecting the requesting building or the supply item.

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