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Topic: Ideas for Tribes

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Posting this here because I feel it's as much a wish list for modders and fans as it is for the creators. The general feel of the game is very Iron age, especially with the likes of the Roman Empire, Frisians and the Viking-like barbarians. To that end, there's a massive pile of options to choose from for anyone wanting to make a new Tribe for the game.

Ones I thought of:

The Scots, or Picts if we want to be more specific.

Finnish, could maybe work in their slash-and-burn farming methods, though slash-and-burn was as much a method to defeat permafrost as anything else.

Franks, French ancestors, Normans too.

The Atlanteans are from Greek mythology, but a proper Greek tribe would be neat, would need a big focus on farming olives and pressing olive oil.

The Barbarians are so loosely defined that someone could easily make a tribe out of various Viking, Germanic and Slavic cultures, the sky is the limit really.

Asians are a group that hasn't been tapped yet, the Hindustani, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, tons of options.

The Middle-East and Africa present more options as well, Nubians were in Settlers 2.

The Amazons represent one part of Meso-America, but there is plenty of others as well, such as the mountain terrace farming Inca, or the Aztecs and Maya.

Just wanted to throw this out there as free ideas, maybe it will inspire somebody, particularly since some of these cultures had to come up with their own methods to live in their areas; which means plenty of material to use as inspiration for an economy tree. Feel free to add your own should you wish.

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