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Topic: Text improvement suggestion

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Posted at: 2022-03-05, 19:57

For the Frisian Tavern when it says "Skipped preparing only one ration" I suggest it say instead "Prepared two rations instead of only one".

It is confusing as is. Skipped implies that something went wrong! Also it does not say how many rations were produced.

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Posted at: 2022-03-05, 21:08

This would be very difficult to implement since the strings are assembled automatically. Technically the tavern does skip the program. So the text is generated as "Skipped X because Y" where only X can be set directly. Implementing overrides and special cases for just this one building would not be worth the effort IMHO.

The produced ration count is shown after completion as "Produced 2× ration". There is also an open bug report about showing what is being produced at the moment (like "Producing 2 rations"), instead of the last status as now.

"Skipped" does not imply an error in my opinion. The usual error phrase is "Did not start" ("Did not start baking bread because water is missing"). Skipped is used mainly when the output is not needed.

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